IBS Foundation Chairman, Dr. Isaiah Brian Sovi,to raise $1.5 Million for Cholera Mitigation Effort in Zambia…to drill 200 boreholes

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In a bid to combat the alarming cholera outbreak that has engulfed 62 districts in Zambia, Dr. Isaiah Brian Sovi, the Chairman of the IBS Foundation, aims to implement a project that will amount $1.5 million to drill 200 boreholes across the country. The outbreak has claimed the lives of over 500 individuals, with reported cases exceeding 15,000. The dire situation has been exacerbated by a combination of factors, including a struggling health system, inadequate infrastructure, poor Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) facilities, and the transmission of cholera from neighboring countries.

The nationwide borehole project aims to provide a sustainable solution to the water crisis, utilizing solar-powered technology. The boreholes will harness energy from solar panels to pump water from the ground, ensuring a clean and reliable water supply, even in the most remote areas of the country. This innovative approach not only addresses the immediate needs of the cholera-affected regions but also aligns with global efforts towards sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

In a statement, Dr. Sovi expressed his commitment to partnering with the Zambian government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to implement the project. He stated, “The current cholera outbreak is a humanitarian crisis, and as a philanthropist, I believe it is our moral duty to step in and assist. The IBS Foundation is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the Zambian people, and we are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure this project’s success.”

Dr. Sovi continued, emphasizing his dedication to supporting government and international efforts in mitigating the challenges faced by the people of Zambia. “I am deeply invested in the well-being of the people of Zambia, and this initiative is an extension of our ongoing commitment to philanthropy. The IBS Foundation has a history of engaging in charitable projects, and we are resolute in our determination to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the cholera outbreak. I’m doing it with my foundation partners from United Kingdom ,Canada and South Africa.”

The philanthropic leader further highlighted the importance of collaboration and unity in tackling such crises. “This is not a solo effort. We are eager to collaborate with the Zambian government, the DMMU, and international partners to ensure a comprehensive and effective response. By joining forces, we can amplify our impact and bring relief to the affected communities.”

Dr. Isaiah Brian Sovi’s involvement in charitable work is not new. Under the banner of the IBS Foundation, he has undertaken several initiatives aimed at improving healthcare, education, and overall living conditions for vulnerable populations. As the cholera mitigation project gains momentum, Dr. Sovi’s reputation as a caring philanthropist with the people’s best interests at heart continues to solidify.

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