Myles Leadership University Honors Isaiah Brian Sovi with Honorary Doctorate in Transformational Leadership

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Johannesburg, South Africa – In a prestigious ceremony held at Johannesburg, South Africa, Myles Leadership University from India conferred an honorary doctorate degree in Transformational Leadership upon Isaiah Brian Sovi. Other notable figures who were honoured include former South African President Jacob Zuma, Dr. Olubukola George Taylor, and Benin Presidential Candidate Edah Daniel.

Addressing the assembly, Professor K. Ravi Archarya, Vice Chancellor of Myles Leadership University, underscored the significance of honoring Isaiah Sovi, emphasizing his profound impact on society. He stated, “The university made the gesture to honor and appreciate Isaiah Sovi’s outstanding contribution in the areas of youth and women development, spiritual guidance, mentorship, nation-building, leadership, and philanthropy.”

Myles Leadership University, a 21st-century Technology Oriented institution headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is dedicated to advancing socio-economic well-being and bridging leadership gaps in society by nurturing exceptional leaders across diverse sectors. Affiliated with leading universities in India, Benin, Togo, and Cameroon, the university holds accreditation and recognition from prominent bodies such as the Higher Education and Research systems in Francophone Africa (CAMES) and the International Association of Universities (IAU, WHED in Collaboration with UNESCO).

Dr. Isaiah Brian Sovi, upon receiving the prestigious honor, shared a profound insight with attendees, stating, “My advice to everyone, consistency is key. Whatever you set your mind to do can be done if you constantly show up and do your part.”

The conferment of the honorary doctorate upon Isaiah Brian Sovi not only acknowledges his remarkable achievements but also serves as a testament to Myles Leadership University’s commitment to nurturing transformative leaders who will drive positive change across various industries and sectors.

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