WATCH: Patriotic Front Expels Miles Sampa bars him from acting as President

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The Patriotic Front (PF), Zambia’s prominent opposition party, made headlines today as they officially expelled Matero Constituency Member of Parliament Miles Sampa. The decision followed Sampa’s contentious actions during an illegal Extraordinary Conference held on Tuesday, where he declared himself the Party President. The move sparked immediate backlash from the PF leadership, culminating in Acting President Given Lubinda expelling him from the party.

Miles Sampa’s abrupt declaration as the Party President raised serious concerns within the PF, as the process was in clear violation of the party’s constitution. This unauthorized gathering, dubbed an “Extraordinary Conference,” led to Sampa being elected as the party’s new leader, with no legal or constitutional backing.

Given Lubinda, who was serving as the Acting President of the PF, took swift action in response to Sampa’s actions. Lubinda issued an official statement condemning the Extraordinary Conference and Sampa’s self-proclamation as Party President. The statement cited a flagrant disregard for the PF’s constitution, as well as a lack of transparency and due process in the election.

In his statement, Lubinda expressed his disappointment, saying, “The PF has always been a party of principles and the rule of law. Mr. Sampa’s actions have cast a shadow over the party’s integrity, and we cannot condone such behavior.”

In addition to expelling Miles Sampa, the PF took legal action to further cement their position. They successfully secured a court order that bars Sampa from purporting to be the President of the PF. This court order serves as a legal injunction, preventing Sampa from making any claims or performing any duties associated with the office of the PF President.

The PF leadership is now focused on restoring order within the party and reaffirming its commitment to democratic processes and the rule of law. They are expected to hold a lawful and legitimate party convention in the near future to select a new party president.

This development has caused significant ripples in Zambia’s political landscape, with both PF supporters and political analysts closely watching how the party will regroup and reassert itself as a formidable opposition force in the country.

Miles Sampa’s expulsion and the subsequent legal actions underscore the importance of adherence to constitutional procedures and the rule of law in political organizations. The controversy within the PF serves as a cautionary tale for politicians and parties navigating the complex world of Zambian politics.

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