Patriotic Front Takes Decisive Action…suspends Miles Sampa

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Miles Sampa

Lusaka, October 23, 2023 — In a move aimed at upholding discipline within the party, the Patriotic Front has taken decisive measures by suspending senior members facing disciplinary charges. This announcement, made by Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, Chairperson for Information and Publicity and Member of the Central Committee, has sent ripples through the party and the nation as a whole.

The suspensions, effective immediately, target prominent figures within the Patriotic Front, including the National Chairperson, Hon. Davies Chama, Chama South MP Hon. Davison Mung’andu, Matero MP Hon. Miles Sampa, and Mafinga MP Hon. Robert Chawinga. The decision comes after Hon. Miles Sampa found himself embroiled in fresh disciplinary charges, sparked by a tumultuous incident that unfolded on September 15, 2023. On that day, Sampa and his supporters allegedly stormed the Party Secretariat, leading to property damage caused by unidentified assailants.

To underscore the party’s commitment to maintaining order and adherence to its established rules, Hon. Miles Sampa has also been removed from his position as Chairperson of Local Government. This measure is intended to emphasize that discipline, respect for the party’s principles, and adherence to its internal regulations remain paramount.

The Central Committee, the highest decision-making body within the Patriotic Front, has wasted no time in addressing this issue. They have issued a directive to the Disciplinary Committee to expedite the hearings related to these disciplinary matters, with a stipulated one-month timeframe for completion. Following the hearings, the Disciplinary Committee will present its recommendations to the Central Committee for a final determination, ensuring transparency and due process.

The Central Committee is currently convened in Lusaka, discussing a multitude of important issues, among them setting new dates for both the Constitutional and Extra-Ordinary General Conference. The party’s Acting President, Hon. Given Lubinda, expressed his deep concern about the surge in indiscipline within the party during his opening remarks. He particularly noted that this alarming trend frequently involves senior members, which he views as a serious matter.

In response, Acting President Lubinda pledged that firm and decisive action would be taken to combat indiscipline within the Patriotic Front. He assured party members and the nation that those found guilty of perpetrating indiscipline would be dealt with sternly, emphasizing that no one is above the party’s established rules and principles.

More details on this matter are expected to emerge in the coming days as the Disciplinary Committee proceeds with its hearings and investigations.

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