Chamisa begs for Inclusion in Government: Appeals to SADC Leaders for Action

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Harare- In a desperate move, Nelson Chamisa, the 2023 losing presidential candidate of Zimbabwe, has penned letters to key regional leaders, including SADC Executive Secretary Elias Magosi, President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia, and President João Lourenço of Angola, urging them to intervene in Zimbabwean politics. In these missives, Chamisa chastises the leaders for their apparent inaction in response to his earlier request for them to compel President Mnangagwa to include him in an Inclusive Government.

A reliable source close to Chamisa has disclosed the contents of the letters, revealing that Chamisa hinted at a prior commitment made by the three leaders during October 2023. According to Chamisa, they had allegedly pledged to secure a Cabinet position for him within the government. Chamisa emphasized his disappointment, stating that six months had elapsed since the promise was made, and yet no action had been taken.

Expressing his frustration, Chamisa stressed that “some considerate time had passed” since the commitment was made, indicating his growing impatience with the situation. Furthermore, Chamisa purportedly highlighted his widespread popularity among Zimbabweans, claiming divine endorsement for his leadership. He asserted that a significant portion of the populace was staunchly supportive of him, even willing to make sacrifices, as he believed himself to be “anointed by God.”

The lack of response from the three SADC leaders has only intensified the situation, with Chamisa’s desire for a Cabinet post becoming more apparent. Speculation has arisen regarding the specific portfolios Chamisa may be eyeing, with mentions of positions such as Minister of Defense, Minister of Home Affairs, and Minister of Justice circulating within political circles.

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