Is Former President Edgar Lungu Bouncing Back as President of the Patriotic Front (PF) Party?

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Zambia’s political landscape has been marked by significant developments, with former President Edgar Lungu seeking to regain his momentum within the Patriotic Front (PF) party. After his defeat in the 2021 presidential election, questions have arisen regarding Lungu’s ability to regain power within his own party. This article aims to explore whether Lungu is successfully bouncing back as the President of PF or facing further challenges.

The Defeat and its Aftermath

Edgar Lungu’s loss in the 2021 presidential election marked a significant turning point in Zambia’s political history. His defeat to Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development (UPND) ended Lungu’s six-year tenure as President. The election results highlighted a clear desire for change among Zambian voters, who were dissatisfied with the economic and governance challenges faced during Lungu’s presidency.

Challenges within the PF Party

Following his electoral defeat, Lungu faced internal turmoil within the PF party. Some members expressed disappointment and frustration over his leadership, leading to divisions and calls for a change in leadership. These challenges pointed to a potential struggle for Lungu to regain prominence within his own party.

A Shift in Strategy

Despite the initial challenges, Lungu has adopted a more assertive approach to reclaiming his position within the PF party. He has embarked on a nationwide party-building tour, aimed at re-establishing grassroots support and strengthening his political base. This proactive strategy signals Lungu’s determination to bounce back into power within his party.

Loyalists and Factionalism

Lungu still enjoys significant support from key party stalwarts and loyalists who believe in his leadership abilities. This support has enabled him to gather momentum and rally his followers around his cause. However, the existence of factionalism within the PF party poses a significant obstacle to Lungu’s resurgence. The emergence of rival factions could further weaken his position and overshadow his attempts to regain control.

Public Perception and Popular Support

A critical factor in Lungu’s endeavor to bounce back is his public perception and popularity amongst Zambians. His tenure as President was marred by allegations of corruption and a struggling economy, leaving many citizens disillusioned. Rebuilding his image and regaining public trust will be paramount for his political resurgence.


Edgar Lungu’s quest to bounce back as the President of the Patriotic Front party after his presidential defeat faces numerous challenges. Internal divisions, factionalism, and public perception are key hurdles he must overcome. While he retains a significant support base, Lungu will need to address the concerns of party members and regain the trust of the Zambian people. Whether he can successfully navigate these challenges and achieve a resurgence as the President of the PF party remains to be seen.

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