EXPOSED: Chamisa using Strategic Ambiguity to loot CCC funds

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Many CCC officials and supporters are calling for abandonment of Nelson Chamisa`s self-destructive strategic ambiguity strategy. The majority of the officials and supporters have observed that strategic ambiguity is being used as the mask for “a grand looting of financial resources” and to cover up for gross incompetence.

Most are furious over the failure of Chamisa to transparently account for the millions of dollars that he received from foreign donors. They observed that those close to Chamisa always argue that transparency would give ZANU PF knowledge of the CCC`s capabilities and allies. Some CCC officials, however, suspect that the strategic ambiguity is ruse/red herring being employed by looters. They blame those close to Chamisa for the looting of donated resources which resulted in the CCC`s election defeat. Chamisa is accused of looting funds meant for election agents and also misappropriating large sums donated for acquisition of his luxurious vehicle. They also accuse him of neglecting Job Sikhala`s family and diverting funds crowd funded for the upkeep of the family. Additionally, most CCC Parliamentary and local authority election candidates did not receive any financial assistance for their campaigns from Chamisa.

An irate CCC veteran lambasted Chamisa for wasting resources on the hopeless foreign trips of Gladys Hlatshwayo which inflicted more harm on the CCC than ZANU PF diplomatic efforts. According to the CCC supporter, “Tens of thousands of donated financial resources were used to pay for Hlatshwayo`s flights and hotels under the pretext that she was going to cause SADC to reject the outcome of the elections, establish a transition Government in which Chamisa would be a key player and organize and fund new elections. Nothing materialized; the money went down the black hole. We are diplomatically worse off than we were before Gladys`s excursions. She is the new Vasco da Gama”.

The official said that Gladys Hlatshwayo comes from the same District as Chamisa`s wife and that there is a 90 percent chance that they are related. Hlatshwayo could therefore be pocketing thousands of dollars simply because she has connections in high places.

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